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WideDB Recent News

25 March 2018 - The First Public Release. Major Update for Professional Developers
  • Multilingual Support is added. You can translate your application into several languages and allow each user to select his own one.
  • "View As..." option added. This feature allows the application administrator to see how the application looks for members of other user groups.
  • Smart Search is added. The search results (or selecting a record for relational field) appear as soon as you start typing (like in Google).
  • Relational Map is added. Now you can visually view how your tables are connected and add new connections.
  • Recent News feed is added.
  • Key field option is added to the import. Now when importing, if there is already an entry in the database with this key, it will be updated, without creating a duplicate.
  • Designer Panel can be customized as well now.
  • Ms Word (DocX) file designer is introduced. It allow to generate native DocX files with custom paragraphs, fonts, colors, tables and images.
  • Table View Quick Record Add text box is added.
  • Relational Fields Data Export added. Just select field(s) you want to export from relational records to add them to your XLS, XML, Doc, PDF, HTML or other export.
12 Feb 2018 - Misc improvements
  • Blocks can be dragged within all panels.
  • Anonymous and API accesses are added.
  • "Limit by rule" option can be applied for each access group and database table.
  • Visual Scripts - Access to system fields added (Mod/Create date, Author, etc).
  • Visual Scripts - Tabs with recent scripts are added.
  • Visual Scripts - "Show Message" Action shows any type of data now (images, users, records, arrays, etc).
  • Recycle Bin Records Restore improved.
  • Sum, Average calculation for relational field is added.
  • Table Designer improved.
  • Charts improved.
  • Page Tabs improved.
  • Rule "String contains string (~)" is added.
  • Global variables are added.
15 Sep 2017 - Freeform Editor, Media , Mobile Apps.
Free-form area is added for the form view. Now fields can be dragged on to any place on freeform, with custom labels, images, buttons and script-generated content.

Videos are now automatically converting to MP4 Web format to play online directly in your browser. Image auto resize option is added. Internal MP3 player is added.

Mobile version UI improved with fast navigation.
25 Apr 2017 - Run VScripts on Server Side
Now you can put any part of your script into "Run on Server" block and these script will be executed on the server side. You can also specify to run this script with full admin-rights to grant access to custom records or change read-only records.

Minor improvements:
  • "Get System value" function is added to add current user information, time/date, active page title and more;
  • Work with Map field - get latitude, longitude and address information;
  • Work with Math/Text Formulas improved.
  • HTML Div blocks can handle "On Click" action easily now.
3 Feb 2017 - Visual Script Designer Major Update
Debug, Breakpoints and Stack control, User Functions, "Get/Update Block Info", "Page Refresh" function, Advanced math functions, Clipboard, working with arrays, options for the "Break" operator, "Undo/Redo".

WideDB History News Timeline

Dec 20v0.997 Release
Visual Scripts huge update (For...Each is added, File/Image type, and more).
Nov 5v0.995 Release
HTML Reports public editing is added.
Aug 15v0.992 Release
UI massive improvement, all menus are standardized.
May 23v0.991 Release
Application with multi-database and variable properties are supported now.
May 3v0.99 Update
Table-view floating records operations panel is added.
Apr 15v0.985 Update
Relational fields improved, massive records operations are added, many UX improvements.
Jan 20v0.983 Update
Files to zip export is added, records multi-selection with Shift, Ctrl keys are supported now.
Nov 15v0.981 Update
Visual Script Designer improved. Variable types check, smart drag-and-drop, new functions.
Sep 10v0.98 Release
Visual Script Designer is added. Write powerful logic using drag-and-drop.
May 19v0.977 Update
TextOut Report Editor is added to generate csv, send e-mails and sms.
May 7v0.976 Update
HTML/PDF Report Designer major update.
Mar 21v0.975 Minor update
HTML Reports are added.
Mar 10v0.974 Release
PDF generation, tooltips and internal quick study are added.
Jan 17v0.972 Minor update
CSS/JS files include are added.
Nov 15v0.97 Minor Update
Direct online XML parsing and import are added.
Oct 17v0.962 Minor Update
Dots chart is added. Chart axis configuration and multi-charting are added.
Oct 5v0.96 Minor Update
Calendar and filter blocks are added.
Sep 14v0.95 Minor Update
CSV/XLS Export is added. Data formatting is added for table view. Max number of field is increased to 61.
Jule 21v0.923 Minor Update
Pie chart is added. Charts coloring is added.
Jule 17v0.92 Minor Update
Charts block is added. "Find line" results page is updated.
May 10v0.9 Minor Update
Map field is added. User Groups are added. Design panel is introduced in full-view version.
Feb 14v0.83 Minor Update
Image, Attachments fields are added.
Dec 23v0.8 Released
First official release for close beta-testing.

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