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$19 / mo
4 Users
5000 Records
2Gb Storage
$49 / mo
10 Users
20 000 Records
5Gb Storage
$99 / mo
25 Users
50 000 Records
20Gb Storage
$299 / mo
100 Users
500 000 Records
100Gb Storage

All features are included in every plan!

Fully customizable interface
Customize layout, blocks, colors, fonts using classic drag-and-drop interface.
Speed of classic software
Our special JID technology allows you to design and work with your online application without any ping-based delays.
Generate documents
Generate native PDF, Ms Word (DocX), Excel (xls), Zip-archives, CSV, Txt, XML documents with simple visual designers.
Automate with visual scripts
Drag-and-drop logic, fields, variables, etc. to write both server-side and client-side scripts with one simple interface.
Multimedia supported
Play videos, mp3 directly in your app. Videos and images are converted automatically to web-format.
Send E-mail and SMS
Send e-mail and sms notifications direclty from your app. You can assign your own mail-server or sms-gate.
Powerful access management.
Configure access separately for each table, field, page or block. Create anonymous access groups.
API Access.
Use our simple REST API to access data from your database.
Custom multi-user development.
Specify custom design right to build your app in team. E.g. one can design only PDF templates another write scripts.
Changes history.
You can view history of changes of any record in your database. Change history is stored for 2 months.
Online reports.
Publish your reports online for public view.
Each plan includes daily and hourly backups of all database data and file attachments to remote servers.

Discounts available

Save 24% when billed quarterly.

Only $111.72/quarter for Basic plan!
Save 32% when billed annually.

Only $399.84/year for Basic plan!
Additionl 40% discount to non-profits is offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any setup fees?
No, there are no fees with WideDB. Create your free trial account without entering a credit card info and update it to one of our plans if you like WideDB.
How many apps, database and tables I can create?
Unlimited. The only limit is number of records counted in all your databases.
What billing options are available?
We accept all popular credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), checks, wire transfer and PayPal. All payments are processed via global PayPro billing service.
Can I host my WideDB application on my own server?
Yes, you should purchase Self-Hosted Version in this case. Of course you need linux-based server with full root access to host WideDB app. Request Self-Hosted Version...
Can your team build an applications for me?
Yes, WideDB team will help you design, build, modify, and integrate your applications to your specifications. Just register and send us your requirements via internal support system.
What happens if I exceed my account resources?
You will be not able to create more records (if you exceed records limit), upload new files (if you exceed storage limit) or create new users (if you exceed users limit). So you will need to delete old stuff or upgrade to better plan.

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