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WideDB Quick Start

Application Interface

Your application interface contains of panels, pages and blocks. By default there are one left panel and the main panel that displays current page.

Panels and pages contains of blocks. E.g. you can see "Navigation menu" block on the left panel and "Find Records", "Tables" and "News" blocks on the Home page.

There are also 2 very special menus:

  • The Designer Panel contains all tools to design your application. You can collapse it by clicking the "X" button - that will deactivate Designer Mode, so you will not be able to drag-and-drop elements and all designer tools will be hidden.
  • The User Menu - allows you to switch between your applications, change user information access Archive (to restore records).

Mobile Version Interface

Mobile has no additional panels and its designer panel is hidden in the Designer Menu.

To show pages navigation menu, click on the current page title at the top:

To check on/off designer mode use the slider in the Designer Menu:

Designing your Application

WideDB is WYSIWYG so to start designing your app - just ensure that the Designer Panel is visible.

Use tools in this panel to design internals of your database - tables, reports, scripts etc.

To design interface:

  • Drag-and-drop any interface elements (blocks, fields, buttons) by their titles:
  • Right-click at element to configure it (or left-click on its title):
  • To add new elements use the buttons with the "plus" icon:

Designer Tools Overview

There are about 16 basic designer tools. Lets review the primary ones:

Database Tables - this is the key tool that allows to create tables, fields, set relations and more - set up your database structure.
Application Properties - allows to configure application title, layout, background and header.
Access - allows to configure access levels of user groups, add new users to your database, create Anonymous access and API access.
Reports (and others) - allows to create PDF/HTML/DocX/Text/CSV/Zip/E-mail/SMS and other export templates to generate documents or send your data.
Import - allows to import data from XML/XLS/CSV.
Visual Scripts Designer - allows to edit and debug all application scripts (on button click, on field edit, on window close, etc) in one place.


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